Boiled Peanuts For Hike

We have a group that goes for hike saturday morning. Being foodie and who loves to feed ppl, last year I came up with this boiled peanuts and they are so much loved and enjoyed by everyone. I even get special hugs , requests to bring them. I so enjoy making them and seeing everyone happily enjoying them,finishing it all in no time brings so much more joy. Bottom line, do what you love .

I had  posted how to boil fresh peanuts before  which are available in summer. These are dried peanuts. This is how you boil “RAW”dry peanuts:

  • Soak them in plenty of water for 7-8 hrs. You will have to put a plate on top and weigh it down by putting something heavy on it. Else they keep floating on top and won’t be soaked.
  • Discard water and rinse them .
  • Cook them in presser cooker with salt for 5-6 whistles. You need good amt of salt here. You can boil them in a pot. It will take longer.
  • Done. Ready to eat? Wait , you need to hike first.
  • You can also add chilli powder , garlic pods to make them spicy. 
  • Share with everyone . When we find something good , naturally we want to share. Isn’t it ?
  • Instead of eating all junk and sugary things, this makes such a good snack option when we are tired and hungry after hike.It also gives hand something to do. You have to peel .:)
  • It’s good for game nights too and they keep you full for a long time being high in protein.
  • Enjoy !

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