Arabic Mehfil

If you had been wondering why I was posting so many middle eastern recipes then now you know why.  I arranged a Arabic Mehfil for friends. We had lots of Arabic , Middle eastern food and it was amazing how ppl came up with all the food. And we are all vegetarians so all the dishes were vegetarians . Picture is of only Appetizer. We had a table full of dinner dishes and desserts too. 
And there were many activities too. As far as I know it’s all abt good food, music , dance, poetries. And that’s what I tried to incorporate in mehfil.

  1. One of the friend knew a belly dancer so she came to teach us. 1 hr of lesson and then we all performed and recorded. 
  2. Then we had musiara which is a poetic gathering. Some of us wrote our own shayari, poem to recite and some got from google quickly. Chinese friend sang beautifully Chinese poem. So no language barrier.
  3. Last but not least , we performed on some Bollywood qwwali songs. Everyone dressed up as Qwwals and we even came up with qwwal topis.

Everyone enjoyed and we learned some new things while having fun, expanded our horizon little more.

By the way, mehfil meaning party. If you have a group or form one who is interested in doing some new activities and have fun. Feel free to copy , modify idea. No copyright issue.:)

Enjoy !

Warm Pita With Zatar

Zatar is middle eastern spice mixture. It’s a mix of few herbs and sesame seeds and its mild. Available at middle eastern store easily.This is very simple to make and so good option for parties and will be something new for most of the ppl. Here’s how I made it:

  • Mix Zatar with olive oil.
  • Spread on pita and bake in oven for 7-10 mins. Done !
  • Serve with hummus or any dip. It taste good on its own too.
  • Now go learn belly dance. Yes, am gonna learn too.
  • Enjoy !

Basbousa – Middle Eastern Cake

 How is everyone doing? What is life teaching you and are you learning it or resisting it? To me, as you can see it’s middle eastern food now a days. I love to make rava cakes since they are simple, everyone always gets surprised and it gives different texture. Basbousa is middle eastern rava cake and very very simple to make. Here’s the link to recipe I followed:

Basbousa (Coconut Yogurt Semolina Cake)

I was just trying it out so made with 1 cup rava and baked at 375 F for 30 mins in toaster oven and i thought I burned it but it was fine. I might bake at 350 next time and keep an eye. Also when you make sugar syrup, do boil until it’s kind of sticky. Other than that I followed recipe. I loved the cake and couldn’t stop eating it.  

If you like to bake or want to learn baking, try it. 

Enjoy !

Boiled Peanuts For Hike

We have a group that goes for hike saturday morning. Being foodie and who loves to feed ppl, last year I came up with this boiled peanuts and they are so much loved and enjoyed by everyone. I even get special hugs , requests to bring them. I so enjoy making them and seeing everyone happily enjoying them,finishing it all in no time brings so much more joy. Bottom line, do what you love .

I had  posted how to boil fresh peanuts before  which are available in summer. These are dried peanuts. This is how you boil “RAW”dry peanuts:

  • Soak them in plenty of water for 7-8 hrs. You will have to put a plate on top and weigh it down by putting something heavy on it. Else they keep floating on top and won’t be soaked.
  • Discard water and rinse them .
  • Cook them in presser cooker with salt for 5-6 whistles. You need good amt of salt here. You can boil them in a pot. It will take longer.
  • Done. Ready to eat? Wait , you need to hike first.
  • You can also add chilli powder , garlic pods to make them spicy. 
  • Share with everyone . When we find something good , naturally we want to share. Isn’t it ?
  • Instead of eating all junk and sugary things, this makes such a good snack option when we are tired and hungry after hike.It also gives hand something to do. You have to peel .:)
  • It’s good for game nights too and they keep you full for a long time being high in protein.
  • Enjoy !