Sewing Project – Maxi Skirt

If you were thinking , I got sewing machine just to show off, then nope. Am on it. It was frustrating to set it up, got impatient what not. Everything that comes with learning something new but when I could finally stitch , it felt so good. I tried straight stitches first and still having hard time to have a straight line. But I made kimono from old scarf first and messed it up. Then got fabric to make maxi skirt. I think it’s wearable. No one can see all mistakes. 

I would highly recommend again try to learn something new. You forget abt food , time, everything. If you have time to watch tv, gossip over phone for hrs then you do have time to learn something new.  So no excuse.

And yes am sure my brain made some new connections. Bonus point.

Enjoy !

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