Learning  A New Skill


When was the last time you learned something new? Yeah , scratching your head I know. Once you are done with school, college …people generally don’t bother. A friend of mine started school after obviously so many years and was complaining it’s so hard. But it’s a good thing to make that effort and realizing how brains are dusted. Use it or loose it. Everyone knows all the benefits of keeping brain active now a days so I won’t go into it. If you google learn a new skill there are so many wonderful articles on it.
I do listen, read what I write here so got myself a sewing machine. My first step was to research and order one so did that and then next day while walking with a colleague, I mentioned it to her. Turned out she knows some basic and she had wonderful ideas so I told her to come on over. May be I will learn a simple stitch first. Baby steps in free time. 

So is there anything you also want to learn and waiting for right time? Time to dive into it. As we know life has to be rich with experiences and also life is a school so better to keep learning. We don’t need to master every skill but  it’s good to learn something new and expand horizon.It keeps one’s ego in check too. 

Enjoy learning a new skill !!! 

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