Paloodeh – Cantaloupe Drink


Do you like simple things in life? I do. Keep life, thoughts , food everything simple. Why complicate things unnecessarily and confuse self? Today’s drink is simple too. This drink has been on mind and I bought cantaloupe specifically for drink but I ate it up. So bought again but this time finally made drink. It’s so good and refreshing . I will be making a lot in summer.
Here’s how I did:

  • Chop cantaloupe in big chunks. Blend with little water depending on how thin you want.
  • Add little bit of rose water if you like. I didn’t have any but am gonna buy. It will elevate drink to next level I feel .
  • You can add some finely chopped or shredded cantaloupe too for garnish on top.
  • I didn’t add any sugar but you can.
  • Garnish with mint.
  • By the way, it’s a middle eastern drink or just from Iran. Not sure. 
  • If cantaloupe is not available, then you can use other similar kind of melons like at my place in India, we have similar kind of fruit we call shakkarteti. But it will need some sugar.
  • Enjoy !

Sweet Potato With Methi 

If you have enough experience with cooking and trying out new recipes, you can imagine /taste the flavor in your head. Today as I was checking on vegetable to cook, I found carrot , some methi leaves. I thought it will go really well , sweet and little bitter methi. Then I realized I have a sweet potato. I knew right away it will be a wonderful combination . But it turned out so much yummier than I expected. Let the natural flavors of sweet potato and methi comes out and it took hardly 5 mins. Do you really need recipe ? 

  • Peel and make cubes from sweet potato. Clean and chop methi leaves .
  • Heat oil, crack few mustard seeds. Add vegetables , little water. For spices I used little ginger and dry spices. Don’t forget salt. 
  • Boil until potato is cooked. 
  • Tada…done.
  • Enjoy !

Sewing Project – Maxi Skirt

If you were thinking , I got sewing machine just to show off, then nope. Am on it. It was frustrating to set it up, got impatient what not. Everything that comes with learning something new but when I could finally stitch , it felt so good. I tried straight stitches first and still having hard time to have a straight line. But I made kimono from old scarf first and messed it up. Then got fabric to make maxi skirt. I think it’s wearable. No one can see all mistakes. 

I would highly recommend again try to learn something new. You forget abt food , time, everything. If you have time to watch tv, gossip over phone for hrs then you do have time to learn something new.  So no excuse.

And yes am sure my brain made some new connections. Bonus point.

Enjoy !

Brown Rice Veg Biryani


There are so many ideas floating around waiting to be manifested. When idea comes, you need to start working on it. This was one of the idea in my head for a while. Finally I implemented. Y’day I was thinking I need to do Ayurveda session somewhere but couldn’t come up with anything and then forgot about it. In the evening, I got a call from a friend if I would do for her ppl. Isn’t that amazing? We all get opportunities like this but some misses it and some grabs it. Sometimes what looks like a negligible thing can open a new door. 

So this biryani is a simple recipe but uses brown rice. Here’s how I did it.

  • Cook brown rice according to pkg instructions.
  • I used ready made Rasoi veg biryani mix. It comes with recipe. Mix spice mix with plain yogurt.
  • Heat butter or ghee and sauté vegetables. Use lot of vegetables like cauliflower, carrots , green beans, onion ,peas. Add spice -yogurt mixture, little water and cook vegetables but keep them little crunchy.
  • Add rice, mix . Done! Let it sit for a while for all flavors to mingle. You can add cashews, raisins and jazz it up.
  • Makes a good filling meal .
  • You can make it with quinoa too and it will taste good.
  • Serve with a side of plain yogurt or raita.
  • Enjoy !

Learning  A New Skill


When was the last time you learned something new? Yeah , scratching your head I know. Once you are done with school, college …people generally don’t bother. A friend of mine started school after obviously so many years and was complaining it’s so hard. But it’s a good thing to make that effort and realizing how brains are dusted. Use it or loose it. Everyone knows all the benefits of keeping brain active now a days so I won’t go into it. If you google learn a new skill there are so many wonderful articles on it.
I do listen, read what I write here so got myself a sewing machine. My first step was to research and order one so did that and then next day while walking with a colleague, I mentioned it to her. Turned out she knows some basic and she had wonderful ideas so I told her to come on over. May be I will learn a simple stitch first. Baby steps in free time. 

So is there anything you also want to learn and waiting for right time? Time to dive into it. As we know life has to be rich with experiences and also life is a school so better to keep learning. We don’t need to master every skill but  it’s good to learn something new and expand horizon.It keeps one’s ego in check too. 

Enjoy learning a new skill !!!