Falafel Pita Sandwich 

Sometimes am impressed with my own abilities. Does that happen to you all too? I am very impressed the way my falafel sandwich came out today. Too yummy. I never liked outside ones but One of my friend makes it and I always enjoyed hers.  Here’s my version. 

  • I bought ready made mix for falafel. You just add water and deep fry. 
  • Made hummus at home. 
  • Yogurt sauce – mixed shredded persian cucumber with homemade yogurt. Add salt and chopped mint leaves.
  • For salad -Ready made romain salad mix , chopped Persian cucumber and black olives.
  • Whole wheat pita from store.
  • To assemble- warm pita in microwave for 10-15 seconds. If you overdo, it will become too hard and chewy. Spread hummus inside pocket, add crumbled falafel, yogurt sauce. Add salad and more yogurt sauce.
  • Take a bite now. Heaven is in your mouth.:)
  • If you don’t have falafel mix available, there are recipes online to make your own mix using chickpeas. Or you can use Chana dal vada . Need some crunchy vada so create your own.
  • Enjoy ! 

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