Mung Dal Pancake


Everyone seems to be looking for protein rich breakfast ideas so here’s a simple one if you don’t know already. And am not sure if I already posted. 

  • Soak mung dal in water for 2-3 hrs. You can use whole mung too but soak them overnight.
  • Grind with water and spices you like. I added garlic and green chili. Add chopped herb of your choice. Methi , cilantro, parsley, mint etc. 
  • You know bean combined with grain makes perfect protein . So I added some jowar/sorghum flour. You can add wheat flour too but I am trying to not eat wheat, rice for few days. Because we Indians eat that almost everyday and ppl end up with wheat allergy so good to switch around and don’t keep eating same thing everyday .
  • Adjust salt and make pancake usual way.
  • Few roasted asparagus and it’s a good hot breakfast or any meal .
  • You can experiment with other dals too. Chana dal or masoor dal or combination will be good too.

So do you eat almost same kind of things everyday? Think abt it. May be its time to shuffle it around. We end up with same routine everyday and if anything goes little different, we freak out. I often hear ppl complaining that they are so bored. Ask them to do something new and then oh I don’t have time or some other excuse .Food is 1 way to bring changes. 

Enjoy some changes !

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