Food According To The Planets – Vedic Astrology 

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Let’s do food too for each planet of the week.

  • Sunday: planet Sun- food associated is wheat. Taste – bitter (like bitter gourd). Don’t eat wheat if you are allergic to it.
  • Monday: planet Moon – food associated is white rice which is cooling just like moon light. Taste – salty. Don’t start dumping salt on food. Instead you can include sea vegetables.
  • Tuesday: planet Mars – food is red lentils / masoor. Taste – pungent. If you are told that your “mangal” is too strong, then eat/drink some aloe vera juice which is cooling.
  • Wednesday : planet Mercury – food is mung beans. Taste – mixed. You can eat mung dal and other green color vegetables too.
  • Thursday: planet Jupiter – food is chick peas. Taste – sweet. sweet doesn’t mean sugar and cakes. But lot of foods are naturally sweet like both rice and wheat is sweet. If you chew properly, you will know. Chick peas are sweet too.
  • Friday – planet Venus – food is lima beans (we call val in gujarati). Taste – sour. Do you know that santoshi ma vrat where sour is prohibited for 16 fridays? It’s all related.
  • Saturday – planet Saturn – food is sesame seeds , urad dal (black lentils). You can eat any black color food like black beans, black sesame seeds, black rice. And also blue color food. Taste – astringent.

If you are trying to work with planets, astrology and fasting then you can include food for that planet. Before you start any good diet or new plan it’s a good idea to cleanse yourself first by taking laxative, drinking water. It’s like starting with a clean state. Also you can do mantras for the planets. Do it for 16 weeks and observer changes. Have an open mind.

Do you know abt rainbow diet? It basically says include all colors in your diet. Planet based diet is same. Include all taste and colors. And have a balanced meal.

Enjoy !

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