Ath Shri Mahabharata Katha 


Few weeks back some of us friends did a Mahabharata play. Few scenes, little dancing, singing and some narration. We all dressed up in character and it was fun to be creative in outfits and make things using what’s available here or what we had at home. I played mama shakuni and Sanjaya. Picture is of me dressed up as shakuni. So basically it was all fun and we all enjoyed it. Few things we realized as we did Mahabharata that I would like to share.

Mahabharata is an Indian ancient epic story and its abt war. Gita our holy book is part of it.

So how does the war start?

  • With comparison. 1st sloka of Gita starts with comparison of kaurva and pandva. So don’t compare.
  • Gambling. It all started with losing things in gambling. So don’t gamble.
  • When you try to snatch away or keep others belonging . Here Duryodhana refused to return kingdom. 

When pandvas go to jungle for 13 years, they don’t waste that time. They learn all weapons and what not and they do lot of “tapsya” which finally comes handy during war. No matter where we are , we should use the time to learn.

For Sanjaya ‘s character, as I was trying to  figure out few things to say from Gita and I wanted to keep it simple and something that is applicable in today’s world.. I realized whole purpose of Gita was to make Arjuna fight. Being kashriya, his karma is to fight irrespective of result.

I also recited popular sloka from Gita.

Yada Yada Hi Dharmsya, Glanirbhavati Bharat |

Abhayuthanam adharmsya, tadatmanm srjamyaaham ||

Meaning when there’s so much adharm, I take birth to bring back dharma.

Everyone liked the way I recited sloka and I was amazed at my own talent of reciting sloka beautifully. Never knew I had this talent.

Also my teacher pointed out a very good point that battle is always in the head. And that’s why there’s a saying that Mahabharata is always happening.

Dhitrashtra who is blind in epic was blind in a way that he couldn’t differentiate right from wrong.

Don’t start Mahabharata over Mahabharata. Everyone has their own understanding and theory. 

Enjoy Mahabhart !

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