Black Bean Hummus With Roasted Veggies  


Weatherman  said today, we have a buffet  of weather. Rain, sleet, snow everything. Perfect day to have some good winter munchies, a good book and some tea. It’s how you react to things, isn’t it? Reminds me of heaven and hell story. One man because of all his good karmas gets a boon where he can go visit hell and heaven. So celestial being takes him to hell first. What does he see? Everyone is chained with iron chains but place is so beautiful and there’s all kind of divine goodies. Everyone is trying hard to eat but they couldn’t since hands are chained and every thing just falls off and they are angry , frustrated. Now he is taken to heaven. He is in a big shock as he sees all is same there too and everyone here also chained.
But then food comes and to his surprise, everyone is feeding each other. They couldn’t eat themselves due to chain but no problem feeding each other and they all are happy and enjoying.

Alright, back to hummus. Winter is a good time to eat black color food. Rich in antioxidants so made black bean hummus. Am sure everyone knows how to make hummus. Just use black beans. When you use fresh cooked beans, fresh lemon juice, hummus taste so good. I also used organic tahini.  Since its winter, roast some veggies and it’s a nice treat. 

Enjoy !

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