Make Home With Houseplants And Garlic Planting

Today I want to show houseplants I have around home. It can get expensive to decorate home with houseplants since not all will survive for long depending on how much sun they need. I will share few tips I have learned over the years. 

Umbrella plant is easy to care but need some sun light. Afternoon sun comes in this corner so it’s been doing good. It’s been around for at least 5 years now. Makes a good background for yoga picture s.

 This plant stand will have different plants time to time depending on what I have. African Violet is another easy plant. It doesn’t need direct sun light but room needs to be bright. It gets pretty flowers too. Bonus point. And it multiplies so I moved new one to different pot. And you can share or exchange this plant with friends. And there’s a laughing Buddha hiding there. It is  from dollar store. Plant stand I had bought in $15 somewhere. Wreath hanging is I made from paper towel cardboard. So it’s all cheap but together it makes a pretty statement. Creativity saves money too.

At the entrance I have pathos, easiest plant to have. Throw it anywhere and it will still thrive. Something we can remind ourself. Good plant to share with friends who likes plants. Chinese evergreen in the back is also easy to maintain. Mine is only a year old so can’t tell much.

 This is a prayer plant and I just love the name. Unique thing abt this plant is that leaves curl up at night like they are praying. Wish I had a picture but may be I will take picture so you all can see.

And there are few other plants in water here and there.  

So it’s time to plant garlic now. Another easy to grow plant. If you see garlic at store right now, you will see tail sprouting or even your home garlic is sprouting. Push garlic cloves in pot , keeping tail up. Push 3/4th of it into soil. Keep the pot outside and forget abt it. It will grow irrespective of all cold, snow that nature will throw at it. Amazing, isn’t it?

Too long of a post but hope you enjoyed. 

Happy Martin Luther King’s Day !

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