Bundt Handvo – what’s in a shape?


As I was trying to pull my usual rectangular baking pan, saw bundt pan waiting to be used. Had bought long time back thinking to bake Handvo. I knew it will look pretty. And I was right. You can tell from picture. Isn’t it? I couldn’t take my eyes off from it and kept admiring how pretty it looked. 

So what’s in a shape? Have you ever thought abt it? All vegetables , fruits have different shapes  too. Round , square, rectangular, half moon, star etc etc. if you know astrology, each planet is assigned different symbol  or shape like Jupiter I believe is square. It has nothing to do with what shape of material  planets are. Different shape will have different kind or shape of  energy  I think. Like we sit in lotus kind of triangle pose for meditation because triangle will keep energy within. Think of all those astrology yantras too. It’s all about energy.

See how much I learned by just baking Handvo in a different shape pan. Think different, try things different way, look at things from different perspective and see what you find.


ps: Don’t drool over pictures. Go bake your own spicy cake.

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