Quick Masoor Dal

Masoor dal cooks very quickly and rich in protein hence makes perfect winter meal.  Here’s my extra quick simple version.

  • Rinse masoor dal and add double the amount of water. Boil on high , cover and cook on medium. It hardly took 10 mins. No need of pressure cooker. 
  • When dal is almost cooked , Take another small seasoning pan. Heat oil, add mustard, cumin seeds, ginger-garlic paste, dry spices and sauté only few seconds.
  • Add seasoning to dal and cook for few minutes if dal is not done.
  • I also added few large cauliflower florets when dal was almost cooked. Cauliflower also gets cooked quickly and its nice to have little vegetable with dal when you are eating with a roti.
  • Little salad on side and you have a nice warm , nutritious meal for cold winter night.
  • Enjoy !

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