Yummy Gatte Ki Subji 

Life Or food in desert is yummy. Gatte ki Subji is popular in Rajasthan where fresh vegetables probably were not available year around. So they learned to make yummy curries from whatever was available. Now a days everything is available everywhere but when you run out of vegetables , it’s snowing outside and you want to eat something good, try this curry. 

I had first time few months back at the friend’s place and it was so good that i had to try my hands and it turned out good. Very easy to make. I followed recipe from here:

Gatte ki sabzi

Have a side of salad or steamed /roasted vegetables on the side to make it a good healthy meal and have it with Roti . 

Enjoy !

Ath Shri Mahabharata Katha 


Few weeks back some of us friends did a Mahabharata play. Few scenes, little dancing, singing and some narration. We all dressed up in character and it was fun to be creative in outfits and make things using what’s available here or what we had at home. I played mama shakuni and Sanjaya. Picture is of me dressed up as shakuni. So basically it was all fun and we all enjoyed it. Few things we realized as we did Mahabharata that I would like to share.

Mahabharata is an Indian ancient epic story and its abt war. Gita our holy book is part of it.

So how does the war start?

  • With comparison. 1st sloka of Gita starts with comparison of kaurva and pandva. So don’t compare.
  • Gambling. It all started with losing things in gambling. So don’t gamble.
  • When you try to snatch away or keep others belonging . Here Duryodhana refused to return kingdom. 

When pandvas go to jungle for 13 years, they don’t waste that time. They learn all weapons and what not and they do lot of “tapsya” which finally comes handy during war. No matter where we are , we should use the time to learn.

For Sanjaya ‘s character, as I was trying to  figure out few things to say from Gita and I wanted to keep it simple and something that is applicable in today’s world.. I realized whole purpose of Gita was to make Arjuna fight. Being kashriya, his karma is to fight irrespective of result.

I also recited popular sloka from Gita.

Yada Yada Hi Dharmsya, Glanirbhavati Bharat |

Abhayuthanam adharmsya, tadatmanm srjamyaaham ||

Meaning when there’s so much adharm, I take birth to bring back dharma.

Everyone liked the way I recited sloka and I was amazed at my own talent of reciting sloka beautifully. Never knew I had this talent.

Also my teacher pointed out a very good point that battle is always in the head. And that’s why there’s a saying that Mahabharata is always happening.

Dhitrashtra who is blind in epic was blind in a way that he couldn’t differentiate right from wrong.

Don’t start Mahabharata over Mahabharata. Everyone has their own understanding and theory. 

Enjoy Mahabhart !

Black Bean Hummus With Roasted Veggies  


Weatherman  said today, we have a buffet  of weather. Rain, sleet, snow everything. Perfect day to have some good winter munchies, a good book and some tea. It’s how you react to things, isn’t it? Reminds me of heaven and hell story. One man because of all his good karmas gets a boon where he can go visit hell and heaven. So celestial being takes him to hell first. What does he see? Everyone is chained with iron chains but place is so beautiful and there’s all kind of divine goodies. Everyone is trying hard to eat but they couldn’t since hands are chained and every thing just falls off and they are angry , frustrated. Now he is taken to heaven. He is in a big shock as he sees all is same there too and everyone here also chained.
But then food comes and to his surprise, everyone is feeding each other. They couldn’t eat themselves due to chain but no problem feeding each other and they all are happy and enjoying.

Alright, back to hummus. Winter is a good time to eat black color food. Rich in antioxidants so made black bean hummus. Am sure everyone knows how to make hummus. Just use black beans. When you use fresh cooked beans, fresh lemon juice, hummus taste so good. I also used organic tahini.  Since its winter, roast some veggies and it’s a nice treat. 

Enjoy !

Make Home With Houseplants And Garlic Planting

Today I want to show houseplants I have around home. It can get expensive to decorate home with houseplants since not all will survive for long depending on how much sun they need. I will share few tips I have learned over the years. 

Umbrella plant is easy to care but need some sun light. Afternoon sun comes in this corner so it’s been doing good. It’s been around for at least 5 years now. Makes a good background for yoga picture s.

 This plant stand will have different plants time to time depending on what I have. African Violet is another easy plant. It doesn’t need direct sun light but room needs to be bright. It gets pretty flowers too. Bonus point. And it multiplies so I moved new one to different pot. And you can share or exchange this plant with friends. And there’s a laughing Buddha hiding there. It is  from dollar store. Plant stand I had bought in $15 somewhere. Wreath hanging is I made from paper towel cardboard. So it’s all cheap but together it makes a pretty statement. Creativity saves money too.

At the entrance I have pathos, easiest plant to have. Throw it anywhere and it will still thrive. Something we can remind ourself. Good plant to share with friends who likes plants. Chinese evergreen in the back is also easy to maintain. Mine is only a year old so can’t tell much.

 This is a prayer plant and I just love the name. Unique thing abt this plant is that leaves curl up at night like they are praying. Wish I had a picture but may be I will take picture so you all can see.

And there are few other plants in water here and there.  

So it’s time to plant garlic now. Another easy to grow plant. If you see garlic at store right now, you will see tail sprouting or even your home garlic is sprouting. Push garlic cloves in pot , keeping tail up. Push 3/4th of it into soil. Keep the pot outside and forget abt it. It will grow irrespective of all cold, snow that nature will throw at it. Amazing, isn’t it?

Too long of a post but hope you enjoyed. 

Happy Martin Luther King’s Day !

Bundt Handvo – what’s in a shape?


As I was trying to pull my usual rectangular baking pan, saw bundt pan waiting to be used. Had bought long time back thinking to bake Handvo. I knew it will look pretty. And I was right. You can tell from picture. Isn’t it? I couldn’t take my eyes off from it and kept admiring how pretty it looked. 

So what’s in a shape? Have you ever thought abt it? All vegetables , fruits have different shapes  too. Round , square, rectangular, half moon, star etc etc. if you know astrology, each planet is assigned different symbol  or shape like Jupiter I believe is square. It has nothing to do with what shape of material  planets are. Different shape will have different kind or shape of  energy  I think. Like we sit in lotus kind of triangle pose for meditation because triangle will keep energy within. Think of all those astrology yantras too. It’s all about energy.

See how much I learned by just baking Handvo in a different shape pan. Think different, try things different way, look at things from different perspective and see what you find.


ps: Don’t drool over pictures. Go bake your own spicy cake.