End Of Year Food Cleaning


It’s almost end of year and one of the thing i like to do is go through pantry and fridge and see what all is sitting for a while and needs to be used. We all buy lot of groceries, sometimes b/c it’s on sale or when you try new recipes and left over sits for years and years. 

It’s a lot of waste. Isn’t it? I like to use up things than throwing it away unless it has gone bad. It’s time to be creative. I do this exercise now and then. Like on Diwali, Indian grocery is on sale so I stop buying beans, dals month before and use up all I have. 
Right now I found black rice , some corn flakes, chia seeds, frozen green beans, different kind of pastas and what not. So I will be eating corn flakes , chia seeds with milk for breakfast, pasta will all be cooked together, green beans curry. And will have to come up with some creative way to use black rice.

It’s your turn now. Go check your pantry, fridge and see what treasures you find.And be creative. 


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