Surati Locho

Locho means messed up. I wonder if this was invented out of messed up batter. It’s  a very popular breakfast item around Surat. Of course, outside they put lot of oil and it ends up like junk food. But you can make at home and will be a good breakfast since it’s mainly lentils so rich in protein. Here’s how I made it.

  • Soak 3 part Chana dal, 1 part urad dal in water for 7-8 hrs or overnight.
  • Rinse 1 cup poha and blend above mixture with poha. Add green chili, ginger, garlic depending on your taste while blending. Batter should be semi liquid like idli or little more liquid.
  • Add salt and little turmeric powder.
  • Add little eno or baking soda and steam for 15 mins in a thali. This batter doesn’t need fermentation. Sprinkle some black pepper powder, red chili power in thali before steaming if you like.
  • Put it in a bowl, pour some sesame or peanut oil and that’s it for basic locho.
  • Or garnish with lemon juice,cilantro, onion, sev or you can have it with green chutney.
  • You are supposed to eat it hot right away. Cold doesn’t taste good.
  • If you have problem what to eat for breakfast everyday and want something healthy, protein rich then try locho. 
  • Enjoy !


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