Air Pollution – Let’s do our part.


 On my recent trip to India, air pollution is what bothered me most. If something bothers you, you got to do something abt it. Neighbors or others not gonna do anything abt it. right?  We all breathe same air so doesn’t matter where pollution is, we all will get affected eventually.  Government is trying to take steps and it’s our responsibility to cooperate. No matter where we are , we can do our little part. And others will get inspired too. Here’s few ideas and yes I do practice them.

  • Since this site is abt  food, let’s start with food. Take your own fabric bag to grocery stores and use less plastic bags. Even if we recycle plastic, it’s still better to minimize plastic use since plastic takes tons of years to decompose.
  • Buy local and seasonal fruits and vegetables as much as you can. Good on pocket and for health too.
  • Decompose kitchen scrapes in garden. Or collect and give it to whoever is gardening.
  • Plant trees if you have space. Or take part in tree planting activities. Take care of existing trees. 
  • Many of us keep houseplants to have clean air in home. If it’s feasible, then do keep some plant at home. It’s nice to have something green to look at in home.
  • Use less chemicals in home. Baking soda, vinegar are good alternative to clean home. Google and you will find so many tips.
  • Walk, bicycle whenever you can. Will be better for health too. I took stairs instead of lift in India most of the time.
  • Most imp, support local activities that   is happening around your area to reduce pollution. And educate kids and teens.

As we know breath is the most imp thing and we can not survive probably more than 5 mins without breathing. So let’s try to keep air clean.

And we will enjoy clean, fresh air !

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