End Of Year Food Cleaning


It’s almost end of year and one of the thing i like to do is go through pantry and fridge and see what all is sitting for a while and needs to be used. We all buy lot of groceries, sometimes b/c it’s on sale or when you try new recipes and left over sits for years and years. 

It’s a lot of waste. Isn’t it? I like to use up things than throwing it away unless it has gone bad. It’s time to be creative. I do this exercise now and then. Like on Diwali, Indian grocery is on sale so I stop buying beans, dals month before and use up all I have. 
Right now I found black rice , some corn flakes, chia seeds, frozen green beans, different kind of pastas and what not. So I will be eating corn flakes , chia seeds with milk for breakfast, pasta will all be cooked together, green beans curry. And will have to come up with some creative way to use black rice.

It’s your turn now. Go check your pantry, fridge and see what treasures you find.And be creative. 


Surati Locho

Locho means messed up. I wonder if this was invented out of messed up batter. It’s  a very popular breakfast item around Surat. Of course, outside they put lot of oil and it ends up like junk food. But you can make at home and will be a good breakfast since it’s mainly lentils so rich in protein. Here’s how I made it.

  • Soak 3 part Chana dal, 1 part urad dal in water for 7-8 hrs or overnight.
  • Rinse 1 cup poha and blend above mixture with poha. Add green chili, ginger, garlic depending on your taste while blending. Batter should be semi liquid like idli or little more liquid.
  • Add salt and little turmeric powder.
  • Add little eno or baking soda and steam for 15 mins in a thali. This batter doesn’t need fermentation. Sprinkle some black pepper powder, red chili power in thali before steaming if you like.
  • Put it in a bowl, pour some sesame or peanut oil and that’s it for basic locho.
  • Or garnish with lemon juice,cilantro, onion, sev or you can have it with green chutney.
  • You are supposed to eat it hot right away. Cold doesn’t taste good.
  • If you have problem what to eat for breakfast everyday and want something healthy, protein rich then try locho. 
  • Enjoy !


Onion Nan Pizza

 Am sure everyone knows how to make nan pizza. Today I made it using onion nan and loved it. Onion nan has little flavor so if you like your base flavored then you will like this. Onion nan is available at Indian store in frozen section.

  • Spread pizza sauce on nan. No need to defrost nan. Add half of cheese.
  • Add your favorite toppings. I like lots of veggies. Green pepper, black olives, red onion and mushroom.
  • Spread remaining cheese.
  • I baked in toaster oven for 30mins. First 15 mins at 400F and then at 350. Turned out nice crispy .
  • Makes nice easy lunch.
  • Pictures are of before and after baking.
  • Enjoy !

Air Pollution – Let’s do our part.


 On my recent trip to India, air pollution is what bothered me most. If something bothers you, you got to do something abt it. Neighbors or others not gonna do anything abt it. right?  We all breathe same air so doesn’t matter where pollution is, we all will get affected eventually.  Government is trying to take steps and it’s our responsibility to cooperate. No matter where we are , we can do our little part. And others will get inspired too. Here’s few ideas and yes I do practice them.

  • Since this site is abt  food, let’s start with food. Take your own fabric bag to grocery stores and use less plastic bags. Even if we recycle plastic, it’s still better to minimize plastic use since plastic takes tons of years to decompose.
  • Buy local and seasonal fruits and vegetables as much as you can. Good on pocket and for health too.
  • Decompose kitchen scrapes in garden. Or collect and give it to whoever is gardening.
  • Plant trees if you have space. Or take part in tree planting activities. Take care of existing trees. 
  • Many of us keep houseplants to have clean air in home. If it’s feasible, then do keep some plant at home. It’s nice to have something green to look at in home.
  • Use less chemicals in home. Baking soda, vinegar are good alternative to clean home. Google and you will find so many tips.
  • Walk, bicycle whenever you can. Will be better for health too. I took stairs instead of lift in India most of the time.
  • Most imp, support local activities that   is happening around your area to reduce pollution. And educate kids and teens.

As we know breath is the most imp thing and we can not survive probably more than 5 mins without breathing. So let’s try to keep air clean.

And we will enjoy clean, fresh air !

Dudheli – Sugercane Juice Delicacy 

Dudheli – Sugercane Juice Delicacy 

IMG_2738 IMG_2740 IMG_2741


IMG_2745     IMG_2759

When you go with the flow, you never know what it brings you. Dudheli is something I have heard from family members that my grandma made it best. I never had an opportunity to taste it and no one knew how to make it. I had googled for recipe many times but nothing was available. On my recent trip to india, my cousin’s neighbor mentioned it and I jumped onto the opportunity. I told neighbor aunty to make it for me and that I want to see how it’s done. She agreed happily and one day we made it. I am gonna try to give rough idea to recipe. Measurements are rough ideas since in india, they go with experience and hard to measure things.

  • Take around 4 cups of fresh sugarcane juice. When you buy juice, tell vendor to clean machine since they use lemon in juice. So important that machine was cleaned. Keep 1 cup of juice aside and boil rest of the juice in thick vessel. Once it starts boiling, remove foam that forms on top.
  • In other vessel, take 1 cup of juice, around 1 cup or little less milk and half cup of rice flour. Mix it well and there shouldn’t be any lump into it.
  • Add this milk mixture into boiling sugarcane juice. Keep stirring continuously.
  • Take thali and grease it with some ghee and keep it ready.
  • When boiling mixture is ready? That’s the trick. Take a small sample and spread in thali. If it comes out without sticking and not sticking to your finger, it’s ready. It took around an hr. for us. But depending on stove, time will vary. Resulting mixture is not so thick as you can see in picture.
  • Spread on thali and sprinkle some clove, cinnamon powder on it.
  • Let it cool down and you will be able to cut it into pieces.
  • There’s no need to add extra sugar but if you end up adding too much milk, rice flour then you will have to add sugar and taste will change.
  • Here you will have nice sugarcane flavor.
  • Cousin’s wife and neighbor aunty in the picture who made dudheli and finally my wish fulfilled.
  • Have you heard phrase “Vasudev kutumbakam” ? Meaning whole world is 1 big family. In india, you experience that where neighbours become family and neighbour’s relatives also become family. People I met for the first time and even if for only sometime, they treated me with all kind of delicacies, love and care. Invited me to their homes, came specially just to meet me. Isn’t that awesome? After all, we all are connected. There’s only one consciousness.
  • Enjoy !