Reporting From India


Is everyone  ready for thanksgiving feast? I have been feasting every day right now. Am in India after 13 years and seeing things with new eyes now. As we know east and west is different. Either we can complain or learn from it. One of the major  thing I observed here is that with everything different , body, mind kind of give up. So it’s good when you need to be thrown off. When there’s so much on mind and you feel you can’t live without all your ….(fill in blank for yourself) Time goes slow since days are long or may be b/c m on vacation. Traffic is bad and there’s a chaos on roads but  even with all chaos, amazing how ppl keep going. There’s a harmony in chaos.

India is a country of temples. You will see temples on every street and they are nice ,big. Lot of ppl walk to some popular temples which takes more than a week sometimes. I think it’s abt adventure,an experience . You come out of your comfort zone, and learn to take life as it comes. Same thing when one travels, when I go hiking , you don’t know what is coming your way.

When we learn to live with insecurities of life, we are most secured. Isn’t it?

I visited place name Janaki van in Gujarat and it has 1 hut dedicated to yoga with the statue of Maharshi Patanjali who is the father of yoga. As I was standing there , pondering what yoga pose should I do to take picture…floor was little dirty since everyone was walking and so wasn’t interested  to put my hands on floor, I hear “Trianlge Pose”. So that’s what I did. Pictures are from yoga hut. Take time to read if you are interested in yoga. It has good information.

Enjoy !

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