Reporting From India


Is everyone  ready for thanksgiving feast? I have been feasting every day right now. Am in India after 13 years and seeing things with new eyes now. As we know east and west is different. Either we can complain or learn from it. One of the major  thing I observed here is that with everything different , body, mind kind of give up. So it’s good when you need to be thrown off. When there’s so much on mind and you feel you can’t live without all your ….(fill in blank for yourself) Time goes slow since days are long or may be b/c m on vacation. Traffic is bad and there’s a chaos on roads but  even with all chaos, amazing how ppl keep going. There’s a harmony in chaos.

India is a country of temples. You will see temples on every street and they are nice ,big. Lot of ppl walk to some popular temples which takes more than a week sometimes. I think it’s abt adventure,an experience . You come out of your comfort zone, and learn to take life as it comes. Same thing when one travels, when I go hiking , you don’t know what is coming your way.

When we learn to live with insecurities of life, we are most secured. Isn’t it?

I visited place name Janaki van in Gujarat and it has 1 hut dedicated to yoga with the statue of Maharshi Patanjali who is the father of yoga. As I was standing there , pondering what yoga pose should I do to take picture…floor was little dirty since everyone was walking and so wasn’t interested  to put my hands on floor, I hear “Trianlge Pose”. So that’s what I did. Pictures are from yoga hut. Take time to read if you are interested in yoga. It has good information.

Enjoy !

Happy Diwali 2015

Happy Diwali To Just Lunch Ideas Family! If it’s not happy yet, make it happy.:) 

Do you know when Diwali was celebrated first? When Ram came back to Ayodhya after killing Ravana, Ayodhya was lighted with lamps, there were fire crackers and it was all celebration.

If you look at it symbolically in today’s world, when Ram is inside us, life becomes celebration. 

So lighten a lamp that’s in you and everyday will be Diwali !

Happy Diwali !

Tips On How To Change Life

Let’s start with a story of priest if you have not heard. Once upon a time there was a priest in a small village who did all his duties faithfully and was a devotee. One monsoon, it rained so much in a village and there was a flood all around. Everyone climbed on a tree, roof where ever they could. So priest also ended up on a tree and kept praying to god. He was confident that god will come save him since he had done all right things and lived honestly.

A small boat comes around the tree where priest was mounted and ask him to come down. Some ppl from tree get down on a boat but priest says “NO”. God will come, save me. Then a steamer comes and some more ppl go down but priest says “NO”. God will come to save me. Now helicopter comes and rest of the ppl go with it except priest. He says again god will come. He is left all by himself. Flood gets worse , tree falls down and priest dies.

Now he meets god and so furious. He asks god  angrily “Why didn’t you come to  save me?”

God replies “Idiot, i came thrice but you just won’t come.”

So, can you relate with priest? If you are just blaming others for a mess of your life, then think again. It’s your own karma. No reason to look back at past and trying to figure out what went wrong. Come back to present and see what you can do now. If you want to make changes in your life, here’s some tips and if you don’t then no need to read further. Go back and make a peace with your life, accept it.

  • Life is a school and we are all students of life. So there will be always something to learn for all of us. Staying in a student mode is good so you stay open to learning new things. To get back into student mode, learn something new. Go sign up in a community college or whatever is available around you depending on your interest. Go join that thing you always wanted to do but blamed time or doesn’t matter who or what you are blaming. Stop blaming game and see how you can make it work.
  • Mantras are another gentle way to change energy. When you change your own energy, things around you will shift. You can pick any mantra that appeals to you. There will be a mantra which will kind of speak to you. Grab it and do 108 times or for 15 mins everyday with open mind. Book “Mantra and Meditation” is good if you don’t know where to turn too.
  • Acupuncture is another good thing if you are in pain and it’s stopping you from doing anything.
  • Everything is always happening. We just need to get on a boat instead of not this and not that. If you sitting depressed at home and someone invites you for something. Don’t just say that’s not my thing when you don’t even know what is your thing. Go check it out. And who knows what happens. You might meet someone who has exactly what you needed. Stay open. Or you end up just having good time. A friend called me and said “Sonal, am so bored. You have a group who does things so can i join you?” And next time, he came along for hike. He said i had to make change in my morning routine to come for hike but i thought to myself ,i have to get over this and go. He ended up enjoying and wants to come again. When we drive to work and if there’s a traffic or accident,we take new route or sometimes have to just wait for it to clear up. We don’t come back home and say i tried to go to work. Same way, when you try to do something, and there’s a stone, don’t come back and say i tried but it rained and blah blah. You figure out how to step over stone or go around it.
  • If you have some talent, then you can go volunteer that somewhere and you will learn more. If you don’t have talent, then go learn something. We all have some unique talent. So don’t tell me i don’t have any. You just need to work on it.

Post has become longer than usual. Hope you got some ideas. Take a baby step today.

Bring some changes and see how life unfolds.  My teacher always says “We are not here to suffer.”

BTW, picture is from hike.

Enjoy !