Tips On Sleep 

      Sometimes I get ideas to post here, and couldn’t rest until I get it out here. This sleep post is on mind for few days and couldn’t decide if I should post or not. And no, I didn’t loose sleep over it. Let’s  see  what we come up with.

  • First , position of bed. Ayurveda recommends head should point to either east or south direction. And shouldn’t be pointing directly towards window or door because else prana will move pass you strongly. You can experiment with this if you have trouble with vivid dreams and not resting properly. Do what is possible and don’t loose sleep over it, if you are not able to change.
  • Sleeping on the side is recommended not on back or stomach.
  • If you are tossing and turning , then do few rounds of alternate breathing.
  • Sometimes ppl become more restless with the idea that they are not able to sleep. In that case, just relax and tell yourself am just relaxing. 

Enjoy blissful sleep !

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