Spaghetti Squash – Time To Fall


Is it time to change for Fall? It’s been cold and rainy here now. Trees have started turning yellow, orange, red. Fall squashes, apples and pears on sale at grocery stores. Do we need more signs ? Am sure everyone got their fall color outfits, boots out. Why not update grocery list too and start including fall vegetables in diet?

Have you seen yogis,sanyasis wearing orange color clothes? Orange color is associated with detachment. And if you look around, you will see leaves also turning orange colors in fall when they are ready to fall off. That’s kind of detachment for trees too, that they have to let go of their wealth which is leaves. And trees still look very pretty in that yellow, orange, red colors.

  • So, i started with spaghetti squash this fall and baked it for around 50 mins at 350-375F. Put cut squash facing up in bowl with little water in bowl so it doesn’t dry out.
  • Get all spaghetti out.Use your hand, knife whatever you need. Does get little messy but spaghetti has to be messy else what’s the fun?
  • It taste pretty good on its own too with little salt. Nice crunchy that you can eat as a side dish.
  • Or add to your salad, soup or like me add into quesadilla.
  • You can make curry out of it too. Add your favorite seasoning. Top it with little shredded coconut or coconut butter.
  • Some earlier posts of Fall:



  • Let’s fall into fall.
  • Enjoy !


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