How To Use Coconut Butter

Lately, coconut oil, butter has been in news for its anti bacterial, anti viral properties, helps fight yeast infection and hence people are trying to include in the diet. Coconut butter and oil is different. Butter is with coconut fibers. It’s just how peanut, almond butters are different from oil. Properties of butter and oil I would think stays similar. When you are trying to use it for some health,nutrition benefits, it’s better  not heat it in my opinion. Heating destroys a lot of good stuff.

Here’s few ways to use coconut butter . You can use coconut oil instead too. May be use little less oil than butter.

  • If you make indian curries, it’s easy. Add 1 tsp or tbsp after curry is done at the end. I have seen some traditional indian recipes where you add coconut oil at the end in the curry after switching off the stove. I wonder if that was done for health benefit on top of flavor. I added little bit coconut butter in my potato curry.
  • Spread on some nice cracker or toast.
  • Add in your oatmeal.
  • Spread on roti or tortilla instead of butter, oil.
  • Add to your veggie rice.

Hope you got the idea.

Coconut is offered to god and used in religious activities in india. Coconut is the only fruit if am not wrong which grows in salty soil but gives back sweet water. Something to learn from coconut tree.

Enjoy !

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