Minty Avocado Chutney

When you have big avocado to use and too much mint growing in pot, what do you do? You make minty avocado chutney. I thought I came up with novel idea but there are always ppl who have done it. Here’s a link to wonderful recipe:

I changed it just a little bit. Had no cilantro and skipped ginger.

So here’s what I did:

  • First pound some garlic, green chili and fresh mint leaves.
  • Add avocado and pound little more.
  • Add some lemon juice, cumin powder and salt. Done !
  • If you like mint flavor, you will love this chutney. Use less or more mint depending on your liking but start with little. Pounding seems to be enhancing mint flavor.
  • You can eat with chips, idli, dosa , spread on bread etc .
  • Make it, eat it and wash the mortal and pestle. No storing.
  • Enjoy !

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