Birthday – A New Year

     How can I forget my this wonderful family on my b’day? Wanted to share what I have learned abt birthday. It’s a personal new year for us. A wonderful day to start something new , fresh. All it needs is a little kick off and things will fall in place.

If you want to take some entrance exam or want to start a new business or want to get on with healthy life style, b’day is a good day. It was last year on my b’day I had my 1st tailor Ayurveda session. And there’s no looking back. It’s been going on slow but steady. 

One of the tradition is to wear new clothes on b’day which is symbolic. You can be new you by making changes in yourself. (Don’t you dare to think that you have nothing to change.:) )

Do not fight with yourself and go with the flow.

I start my day with meditation and then I know what to do next. Bought myself a little jewelry this year. A gift to self.  Gold prices are going down and my 1st thought was to wait. But then my this special b’day never gonna come again. So wait was not an option.

Hope all of you have a wonderful b’day too and will be able to seize the opportunity.

Enjoy !

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