Gujarati Nag Panchami 

Last night, I wanted to make something easy and quick and found a bunch of amaranth leaves in fridge. So made khichadi with amaranth leaves and some kadhi.  In Gujarat we call this combination khichadi, bhaji and kadhi and ppl eat on nag panchami for lunch and rest of the day they fast. As I made the dinner, I wondered when does nag panchami come? Today morning, someone sent me msg “Happy  “.  Co-incidence Or I was in tune ?

I had it again for lunch and thought of sharing. FYI: ppl who fast don’t eat roti. But everyone makes this combination and that’s all you get to eat whether you like or not.

Makes me think..all festivals are for fun, to break the routine and you learn something without any conscious effort. People worship snakes on this day in india. By doing this, we learn that everything is divine.

By the way, amaranth leaves are very nutritious. So try it out !

Enjoy !

PS: This post gets lot of hit around nag panchami. Not sure what ppl are looking for . Eat khichadi, kadhi, bhaji 1 time and fast. Fasting , eating simple is good any day. So just have fun.


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