Baked Samosa Chakra

     Was looking for some easy appetizer recipes and found this samosa pinwheels. Tweaked things to simplify and they turned out all right . Changed name to chakra since its india’s Independence Day.

  • Make a filling with boiled potatoes , peas adding spices u like. Add some chopped cilantro.
  • I used ready made whole wheat frozen Kawan paratha. Spread filling on paratha evenly.
  • Roll it and cut it carefully.
  • Bake at 375F for 30-40 mins until done.
  • Since its Independence Day and Mahatma Gandhi is the one who led India to freedom, was watching his interview. He was asked if he is ready to go to jail and he said”I am always ready to go to jail”. This reminded me what he said abt his jail time in his autobiography or some book that jail time was very productive as he got to be alone , he could write, study, ponder etc etc. and he praised the time when one could be alone. 
  • Isn’t that wonderful? Think abt it. It’s how you use situations  in your life. Either you can keep complaining or use time, situation in your favor. When someone loses a job, use the time off to do things you always wanted to do and then when you are done, you might find a better job. You can apply the principle into any situation in life, isn’t it? 
  • Enjoy !

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