Hakini Mudra

   IMG_1603 IMG_1608

       Mudras are easy way to change energy and there’s a whole science with thousands of mudras. In some Tibet monasteries, have seen lots of mudra pictures. Also in traditional indian dances, they have lots of mudras. Have learned few basic ones that helps in day to day lives. Recently i made a frame of mudras for home yoga room. My thought behind is that some visitors may find it interesting and will want to try it. Let’s see how it goes. If nothing else, it will make an interesting conversation piece. People at photo center liked it very much and 1 person told me oh it’s a sign language. 🙂

Alright, so the 1st picture is Hakini Mudra. All finger tips touching each other. When do you want to do it? That’s the interesting part. When you are in a boring meeting and starts day dreaming but need to be in a present moment, keep your hands in this mudra under the table or even on the table. No one will question you. Hakini mudra will help you stay aware in a moment and you will stop day dreaming. Believe me it works. Yep, have tried in my boring meetings.

Check my earlier posts abt more mudras.

Other interesting project i have in my mind is making a calendar for next year. If you have liked any post on justlunchideas, that you feel should make an entry on calendar, do share. And if you would like to have calendar for yourself or to gift friends, family, let me know. Only for USA.

Enjoy !

ps: If you know palmistry, do not try to read my hand. 🙂

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