Quinoa With Chickpeas

This was another dish I made in a jiffy and turned out real good so thought of sharing here. 

  • Crack few cumin seeds in little olive oil. Add chopped garlic, chopped tomatoes, colored pepper, carrot.
  • Cook just 3-4 mins. Add some chopped spinach or chard,boiled chickpeas. Add salt.
  • And add cooked quinoa. 
  • Garnish with cilantro. Add some red crushed pepper for little kick. It’s very simple but taste good and very filling. 
  • Makes a good lunch to take to work.
  • A friend was telling me few days back how she is trying to eat better but she makes white rice for kids. Why make them suffer?  Got me thinking .. R you making kids suffer by providing them quality , nutritious food? And why would you represent healthy food as boring ? It’s a regular food just like anything else. Isn’t it? Growing kids need good food like good foundation in my opinion. 
  • Try it with open mind!
  • Enjoy !

Steamed Green Beans

Found nice tender, green beans at farmer’s market. And instead of making indian curry, thought why not just steam it?  And glad, I did. They were so good to munch on while working. And don’t even need salt, pepper. I tried both with and without salt/pepper.

It’s a very simple process. Just cut ends and steam for 4-5 mins and you have a great snack to munch on.

Enjoy !

Birthday – A New Year

     How can I forget my this wonderful family on my b’day? Wanted to share what I have learned abt birthday. It’s a personal new year for us. A wonderful day to start something new , fresh. All it needs is a little kick off and things will fall in place.

If you want to take some entrance exam or want to start a new business or want to get on with healthy life style, b’day is a good day. It was last year on my b’day I had my 1st tailor Ayurveda session. And there’s no looking back. It’s been going on slow but steady. 

One of the tradition is to wear new clothes on b’day which is symbolic. You can be new you by making changes in yourself. (Don’t you dare to think that you have nothing to change.:) )

Do not fight with yourself and go with the flow.

I start my day with meditation and then I know what to do next. Bought myself a little jewelry this year. A gift to self.  Gold prices are going down and my 1st thought was to wait. But then my this special b’day never gonna come again. So wait was not an option.

Hope all of you have a wonderful b’day too and will be able to seize the opportunity.

Enjoy !

Gujarati Nag Panchami 

Last night, I wanted to make something easy and quick and found a bunch of amaranth leaves in fridge. So made khichadi with amaranth leaves and some kadhi.  In Gujarat we call this combination khichadi, bhaji and kadhi and ppl eat on nag panchami for lunch and rest of the day they fast. As I made the dinner, I wondered when does nag panchami come? Today morning, someone sent me msg “Happy  “.  Co-incidence Or I was in tune ?

I had it again for lunch and thought of sharing. FYI: ppl who fast don’t eat roti. But everyone makes this combination and that’s all you get to eat whether you like or not.

Makes me think..all festivals are for fun, to break the routine and you learn something without any conscious effort. People worship snakes on this day in india. By doing this, we learn that everything is divine.

By the way, amaranth leaves are very nutritious. So try it out !

Enjoy !

PS: This post gets lot of hit around nag panchami. Not sure what ppl are looking for . Eat khichadi, kadhi, bhaji 1 time and fast. Fasting , eating simple is good any day. So just have fun.


Baked Samosa Chakra

     Was looking for some easy appetizer recipes and found this samosa pinwheels. Tweaked things to simplify and they turned out all right . Changed name to chakra since its india’s Independence Day.

  • Make a filling with boiled potatoes , peas adding spices u like. Add some chopped cilantro.
  • I used ready made whole wheat frozen Kawan paratha. Spread filling on paratha evenly.
  • Roll it and cut it carefully.
  • Bake at 375F for 30-40 mins until done.
  • Since its Independence Day and Mahatma Gandhi is the one who led India to freedom, was watching his interview. He was asked if he is ready to go to jail and he said”I am always ready to go to jail”. This reminded me what he said abt his jail time in his autobiography or some book that jail time was very productive as he got to be alone , he could write, study, ponder etc etc. and he praised the time when one could be alone. 
  • Isn’t that wonderful? Think abt it. It’s how you use situations  in your life. Either you can keep complaining or use time, situation in your favor. When someone loses a job, use the time off to do things you always wanted to do and then when you are done, you might find a better job. You can apply the principle into any situation in life, isn’t it? 
  • Enjoy !