Relaxation After Work

        Our each breath is consists of 4 parts if you ever paid attention . It’s in , pose, out and pose. That’s 1 full cycle of breath. 

Following same pattern, after work we should relax before we jump onto next thing. Most of the ppl, don’t know what their relaxed state is. 

Here’s a simple way to relax after work.

  • Put a blanket or something on the floor or in yard weather permitting.
  • If your work is physical, lie down on your back, hands close to the body but not touching the body. And just breathe for 10 mins.
  • If your work is mental, lie down on your tummy and put your forehead on the ground so you have room to breathe. Relax , breathe for 10 mins. Let your head empty out and give everything that’s in your head to Mother Earth.:)
  • And if your work involves both , and you are tired both physically and mentally after work then do both ways starting with back.
  • Now you are ready to tackle another project.
  • Doesn’t the picture look very relaxing? It’s taken at local park.
  • Relax and life will be more enjoyable !

Simplified Sun Salutations

      Are you interested in doing sun salutations but thinking you can’t do for whatever reasons? Here’s a very simple version that you can do at home .

  • Put a mat, towel or whatever you have on the floor if you like .
  • Stand up straight with feet firmly grounded in the ground.
  • Now lie down on your back.
  • Turn to your left and slowly get up back to standing position.
  • Lie down again.
  • This time turn to your right and slowly get up.
  • That’s it. 1 round done. Do 6 to 12 rounds.
  • Simple. Isn’t it? Anyone can do it and no pre flexibility required except that you are mentally flexible to try it.
  • Life is like this too where you get up and it will be time to lie down. And moment you lie down, time to get up. Isn’t it? Tossing us here and there.
  • M sure most of us have experienced that. With sun salutations, you can stay centered. 
  • Picture is reflecting sun rays . You know all the pictures I post here, I have taken them. When something grabs my attention, I take picture. Just had to mention. 
  • Enjoy saluting your own sun  !

Fun Yoga Activity For Little Kids


         Have noticed that kids enjoy yoga provided you make it fun and don’t force it on them. They are little with little attention span so you have to let them be.  One of my friend asked what could be good for kid to keep him occupied and improve concentration? I came up with this fun activity and little kid enjoyed very much so thought i will share with you all. And yes, mom said she is gonna do it too. 🙂

  • Tree Pose  as shown in picture. It’s very simple. Just ask them to stand on 1 foot , hands in prayer pose.
  • And now count backward from 100, 99,98… 1.  It’s imp to count backward because if you start from 1, 2,3…your mind goes on auto pilot. And yes, if  you fall down or forget count or make any mistake…start again from 100.  Did you say WHAT? 🙂
  • And then try with other leg. You can do competition too with this. For more younger ones, start from 50 or 25 and increase as they master it.
  • And adults can try too. It is not as easy as you think since mind tends to run away.
  • It will be also good when you can’t get rid of some thing from your mind.
  • And if you are into mantra, gayatri mantra is good for kids in my opinion.
  • As i said, don’t force it else they will run away from it.
  • Enjoy !



Mirror Mirror Tell Me The Truth


         What do you do first thing in the morning? Check your pretty face in the mirror ? Me too. 🙂 But there’s more to check.  Do you see anything in the picture off balance? Look closely again…yes…no?

Ok, i will tell you. My right should is little up compare to left. That’s what we need to check in the mirror first thing in the morning besides other things. Depending on what side you sleep, what side you carry your office bags etc your should might be off balance. Seems like simple thing but you want to fix it and not roam around off balance to create more problems.

So how do you fix it? 1st You want to switch around when you carry things on your shoulder. Don’t use 1 side all the time.

2nd : Some simple yoga stretches will fix it. Raise your left hand, glue it to ear by pulling hand straight up(keep head straight) and then bend on right side from waist. Do other side.  You can do in front of mirror and see what your shoulders look like after you do 1 side. Doesn’t matter what side you start with. Mose imp thing is observer and make changes. If you can’t follow instruction, then go join some yoga class and learn some basic movements.

Now go check yourself in the mirror !

Homework : As you go by with your day, see which side of the foot you put more weight on. Just observe. No judgements.

Enjoy !