Big Rocks In Life


        Do you like stories or have enjoyed as a kid? I used to love stories as a kid and those stories always had a nice message. I was a story teller in the class so i would always read a lot of stories and they were handly when i had to entertain class.

This is another good story that i like and wouldn’t mind repeating to myself as a reminder. Here it goes…

In ancient times, rishis will test their  students before they are sent to the world, ready to tackle life. So this Rishi gave an empty jar, rocks and a bowl of sand to his students in a test and asked them to fill the jar.

So some students, filled the jar with sand and there was no space left for rocks.

Some students filled the jar first with big rocks and then added sand.

Who passed the test? Students who filled the jar first with big rocks.

So the lesson was : In life also, sometime we fill it with sand or non imp items and then there’s no space for big rocks. But if we fill life with big rocks or with imp things in life then there will be space for those small small things too and life will be much fuller.

I know it’s simple but it’s a good reminder time to time. And this was a reminder to self again. 🙂

Enjoy !

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