Interesting Lesson From Tailor Ayurveda Session


Every time I do Ayurveda session , I learn something new , interesting. Last week 1 friend asked for it. So We sat down with my usual  things. And she kept saying things abt her husband. No matter what I ask , tell her she would go back to talk abt her husband. May be 2 words for her and 10 mins abt husband who was not present for session.

Finally I blurted out . Let’s talk abt you . And then we did session for her . At the end, that thing clicked to her that it’s always abt others and she is not doing anything for herself .

Few days later, she did tell me that it was an eye opening for her and she started paying more attention now.

Wasn’t that amazing that we are so unaware of our problem and go around trying to fix others?

Picture is from a nc mountain where I had gone for hiking and loved the set up. I would love to do Ayurveda session there. Indian ppl who know ancient times when students used to live with Rishis, it looked like that to me.

Enjoy yourself ! 

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