Relaxation After Work

        Our each breath is consists of 4 parts if you ever paid attention . It’s in , pose, out and pose. That’s 1 full cycle of breath. 

Following same pattern, after work we should relax before we jump onto next thing. Most of the ppl, don’t know what their relaxed state is. 

Here’s a simple way to relax after work.

  • Put a blanket or something on the floor or in yard weather permitting.
  • If your work is physical, lie down on your back, hands close to the body but not touching the body. And just breathe for 10 mins.
  • If your work is mental, lie down on your tummy and put your forehead on the ground so you have room to breathe. Relax , breathe for 10 mins. Let your head empty out and give everything that’s in your head to Mother Earth.:)
  • And if your work involves both , and you are tired both physically and mentally after work then do both ways starting with back.
  • Now you are ready to tackle another project.
  • Doesn’t the picture look very relaxing? It’s taken at local park.
  • Relax and life will be more enjoyable !

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