Simplified Sun Salutations

      Are you interested in doing sun salutations but thinking you can’t do for whatever reasons? Here’s a very simple version that you can do at home .

  • Put a mat, towel or whatever you have on the floor if you like .
  • Stand up straight with feet firmly grounded in the ground.
  • Now lie down on your back.
  • Turn to your left and slowly get up back to standing position.
  • Lie down again.
  • This time turn to your right and slowly get up.
  • That’s it. 1 round done. Do 6 to 12 rounds.
  • Simple. Isn’t it? Anyone can do it and no pre flexibility required except that you are mentally flexible to try it.
  • Life is like this too where you get up and it will be time to lie down. And moment you lie down, time to get up. Isn’t it? Tossing us here and there.
  • M sure most of us have experienced that. With sun salutations, you can stay centered. 
  • Picture is reflecting sun rays . You know all the pictures I post here, I have taken them. When something grabs my attention, I take picture. Just had to mention. 
  • Enjoy saluting your own sun  !

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