Guru Purnima


      Are you looking for a guru? Then probably you haven’t heard this indian saying “When you are ready, guru finds you.” Your guru might be around you next door and you wouldn’t even know or you are not ready to accept.

Best guru on planet earth is “Breath”. Stay with your breath and it will teach you everything you need to learn, will guide you  and will be with you all the time as long as you are alive of course.

So stay with your breath, see how your guru/breath is on this guru purnima.

Enjoy !

Cabbage With Beans

     Let’s get back to food and recipes again. Indian cooking uses lot of potatoes but now a days people try to stay away from potatoes for different reasons. Cabbage with potato is a very popular dish but it taste great with beans too and you will have some protein in a dish. Here’s how I made it:

  • Heat oilve oil, add some cumin seeds, 1 torn red or green chili , few curry leaves.
  • Add shredded cabbage, cooked beans and salt.
  • Sauté for 2-3 mins. You don’t want to overlook cabbage and kill all nutrition.
  • It’s summer time and very hot so kept spices to minimum and it tasted good.
  • You can use any beans you like. I added small red chori. Chickpeas go really well too if you are not sure. Be creative and try different beans to come up with new flavor.
  • Reminder – chew your food well. Each bite 32 times until it becomes liquid. 
  • Enjoy !

Do you know your Ayurvedic Prakruti ?


      Ayurveda is ancient indian healing science if you didn’t know. Our body is made of 5 elements earth, water, fire, air and ether. Ayurveda divided 5 elements in 3 forces Vata (air+ether), Pitta(fire+water) and Kapha(earth+water). As long as all 3 forces are in harmony, we are healthy both physically and mentally.

 Prakruti meaning nature and we generally lean more towards 1 of three forces. And that’s the one generally goes out of balace first, creating related problems. So it’s good to know what your prakruti is so that you can take care of yourself better and you know what your weaknesses and strengths are both mentally and physically.

When vata, pitta or kapha goes out of balance, it’s called dosha. And it’s easier to bring it back into balance, harmony in the initial stage.

For example, i am vata-pitta. 1 of my weakness being vata is i can get confused or cannot make up my mind. When i like something like some dress and if i like 2 colors, i will have a very hard time selecting one. But knowing it has helped me and am more aware. Other vata problems I get into is constipation, dry skin, dry cough. Knowing it ,has helped me avoid or I know how to fix right away.

So if you do not know your ayurvedic prakruti, see if there’s anyone around you who knows ayurveda and can help you find your prakruti.

Once you know your prakruti, you will be able to work with yourself little better.

Enjoy !

Big Rocks In Life


        Do you like stories or have enjoyed as a kid? I used to love stories as a kid and those stories always had a nice message. I was a story teller in the class so i would always read a lot of stories and they were handly when i had to entertain class.

This is another good story that i like and wouldn’t mind repeating to myself as a reminder. Here it goes…

In ancient times, rishis will test their  students before they are sent to the world, ready to tackle life. So this Rishi gave an empty jar, rocks and a bowl of sand to his students in a test and asked them to fill the jar.

So some students, filled the jar with sand and there was no space left for rocks.

Some students filled the jar first with big rocks and then added sand.

Who passed the test? Students who filled the jar first with big rocks.

So the lesson was : In life also, sometime we fill it with sand or non imp items and then there’s no space for big rocks. But if we fill life with big rocks or with imp things in life then there will be space for those small small things too and life will be much fuller.

I know it’s simple but it’s a good reminder time to time. And this was a reminder to self again. 🙂

Enjoy !

Interesting Lesson From Tailor Ayurveda Session


Every time I do Ayurveda session , I learn something new , interesting. Last week 1 friend asked for it. So We sat down with my usual  things. And she kept saying things abt her husband. No matter what I ask , tell her she would go back to talk abt her husband. May be 2 words for her and 10 mins abt husband who was not present for session.

Finally I blurted out . Let’s talk abt you . And then we did session for her . At the end, that thing clicked to her that it’s always abt others and she is not doing anything for herself .

Few days later, she did tell me that it was an eye opening for her and she started paying more attention now.

Wasn’t that amazing that we are so unaware of our problem and go around trying to fix others?

Picture is from a nc mountain where I had gone for hiking and loved the set up. I would love to do Ayurveda session there. Indian ppl who know ancient times when students used to live with Rishis, it looked like that to me.

Enjoy yourself !