Beat The Heat Ayurvedic Way


         It’s been very hot this summer, breaking records here by reaching 100 degree. So thought would share some tips on how to stay cool.Summer is the season of pitta so if you are not careful and if your prakruti is pitta, you might see your pitta symptoms more aggravated. Here’s few things we all can do:

  • Drink plenty of water. No rocket science but most of the ppl don’t drink enough water.
  • Chhash/home made butter milk – 1 part home made yogurt + 3 part water. Add salt and cumin powder for taste.
  • Coconut Water- From fresh green coconut if you find it around you. It’s a tropical delight anyways.
  • Sugarcane or it’s juice if you find clean source.
  • Watermelon – I prefer seeded one for obvious reason. Sprinkle little salt and cumin powder on it.
  • All kind of melons are generally good and cooling.
  • All summer squashes like dudhi, yellow squash, zucchini is good.
  • Cucumber, mint, cilantro is all cooling. Find a way to use them. Make salad or chutney. 
  • Coconut oil is cooling so use it for head/hair massage.
  • Less spices, pickles and limit fat. Eat more light meals with plenty of vegetables.
  • Having little ice cream is ok but if you start gulping more and more it will aggravate your pitta more.
  • Wear hat or cover your head when you have to be out in sun.
  • Tukmariya that’s used in falooda is cooling. If you want to use to cool down pitta, then just soak 1 tsp in some water and eat/drink it.
  • Enjoy Summer !



  • Not sure if i am eligible to talk abt meditation. Feels very small and don’t have words to describe. Still couldn’t help myself to share few things for people who might be interested and have nowhere to turn to or have no guidance.
  • Now a days you will find lot of cds and what not for meditation and of course lot of books and people end up all confused. Sometimes ppl lecture me on it what it is and how it should be etc and then at the end, they say i have never done it. 🙂
  • So what is meditation ? It is “Silent Observation”.
  • How do you do it? Sit down in any comfortable cross leg pose, keep back straight, hand in gyan mudra (1st finger, thumb touching each other) close your eyes and observe. See what happens.
  • You can start with 5 mins every day morning. Keep same time, place in the beginning so it will be easier.
  • If you have never attempted, try it out.
  • As my guru says, you fall into meditation. You can’t force it.
  • Enjoy !

Mango Fajita 


  • This is my version of mexican fajita. May not be authentic, but hey, it taste good, sounds exotic and it is healthy. What more do you want?
  • Recipe is very simple as usual. Gather some vegetables from fridge, garden if you have one. I found colored peppers, onion, carrot, avocado in fridge and yellow squash in garden. And yes mango box with all ripe mangoes.
  • Cut vegetables in long slices. I think that’s how mostly i see them in restaurant.  Saute them in little olive oil over high heat so that they get cooked little bit but stays crunchy. Add salt, pepper. You can also add some cilantro or dill leaves for more exotic flavour.
  • I have seen more like indian paratha served with fajita in mexican restaurant. So why not use our own desi paratha ? You can use thepla or any flavour or plain paratha. Don’t put any oil, butter on it. We don’t want it to get soggy.
  • Now assembly: Put some vegetables, top with some chopped avocado and king of fruit, mango.
  • Feel free to add anything you like. You can also make mango salsa to go with it.
  • Fold it or wrap it or whatever…..and
  • Enjoy !

Dressing According To Color Of The Day – Vedic Astrology


              In india, 7 week days are named for 7 planets and each planet is assigned color, food, gem, season etc. and it all comes under vedic astrology. When someone doesn’t know what to cook for dinner then you will hear “oh, today is wed. so let’s just make mung” or on  thursdat, chickpeas etc. Today, i want to talk abt color though. Let’s start with the list. Some of the things are what i have observed and my thoughts. 

When you don’t know what to wear, follow this color guidelines and wear the color of the day. You can wear shirt, top or just throw a scarf of the color of the day. Also can pick different shades in those colors. It makes it fun and will help you harmonize with the energy of the day. These are no hard, fast rules. Have fun with it and see what it does to you.

  1. Sunday – Planet Sun. Color – Orange is generally what everywhere written but besides orange, i would say golden like golden rays of sun. So wear orange or golden.
  2. Monday – Planet Moon. Color – White. You can also wear some pearl jewellery.
  3. Tuesday – Planet Mars. Color – Red.  I couldn’t wear red in summer. It just makes it very hot being fiery color.
  4. Wednesday –  Planet Mercury. Color – Green.
  5. Thursday – Planet Jupiter. Color – Yellow.
  6. Friday – Planet Venus. Color – White, Sky Blue  White is what you will read mostly everywhere but i feel it’s sky blue color.
  7. Saturn – Planet Saturn. Color – Black. Again, you will see black everywhere but if you are going thro gloom phase anyway, then i would suggest Royal Blue. The way i see it is, sometimes you need to just embrace black in life and if you have hard time with  embracing darkness, then wear black and if  you find yourself gloomy most of the time, wear royal blue. Have you seen picture of “shani dev” ? He is riding on crow(black) and his body is royal blue.

As you wear this colors, observer what color makes you uncomfortable  and what color agrees with you. If you learn something new with this experiment, do share your insights.

Picture is of full moon from my home. Sometimes moon rays will fall into my home , making it look very pretty on full moon day.

And yes, i am wearing white and pearl today. 🙂

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Enjoy !