What are you carrying? – A Tale


     In ancient times, Saints used to travel/walk from places to places with their disciples, spend a night with villagers , preach and then leave. There was this saint named let’s call him Manuji. Manuji was walking with his disciples to go to another village and river came on the way. When they reached near river, due to heavy rain there was lot of water and it was flood like situation. Manuji saw a lady sitting on the rock, crying. He asked why are you crying Deviji? Lady said : she needs to reach other side of village before dark but she is so afraid to cross river. 
So Manuji carried her on his shoulder and started crossing river. Disciples noticed that lady was a dancer and hence considered low level and didn’t like their master carrying her. But who will question master? They all kept murmuring how master is doing all wrong. River was crossed and saint left the lady safe and she went her way.

But disciples couldn’t stop chatting abt it. After walking few more miles, they couldn’t resist and asked master: why did you carry a dancer on your shoulder? That was not good. What will ppl think?

Master replied: “I left her long back but you all are still carrying her.”

Don’t we all also carry things around ? Unnecessary burden. Let us try to get rid of it and be lighter. May be we will be few lbs lighter .

Picture is of me at Pittok mention in Portland. Was my friend R’s idea.

Enjoy unburdening !

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