Naming Babies – Vedic Astrology 


  • Vedic astrology is a wonderful divine science and there are simple things we all can take advantage of without spending fortune. Do you know vedic astrology was taught as part of ayurveda in ancient times ? Since i learned ayurveda, am understanding astrology little better now. It’s all abt healing. Wholesome healing of body, mind and spirit.
  • In olden times, babies were named according to their moon sign or in some parts based on nakshtra. It was a common practice but now most of  us educated ppl don’t believe in it. 
  • When your name is based on moon sign, it will resonate with you better. There are many websites to calculate moon sign and it will tell what letters name should start with. For example, mine is Aquarius so name can start from ‘s’ or ‘g’. It’s based on moon sign which is different from western sun sign.
  • Now don’t try to change everyone’s names but in future, something to think abt .
  • Picture is of sketch i made of Bhrigu Rishi from who am learning astrology now a days.
  • Enjoy !

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