Jowar/Sorghum Uttapam


Jowar is called white millet in English and its gluten free. Lot of ppl now a days are trying to avoid white rice so this is a good option.

  • As part of experiment, 1 day I added some jowar flour to regular idly batter and idly came out nice ,yummy ,earthy and little yellowish .
  • So this time I soaked 1 cup urad dal with 4-5 methi seeds for 5 hrs. Ground  it as usual and added 2 cups of jowar flour and let it ferment. Do you know methi seeds help with fermentation? I didn’t add it once and batter didn’t ferment.
  • Idly turned out nice fluffy but taste I didn’t like. When I seasoned idly , it tasted fine. 
  • So next day, I turned batter into uttapama and voila … They tasted good. It’s like seasoned jowar rotla. 
  • You can use jowar flour in any pancake you make. Just a little bit since its gluten free.
  • Also jowar is cooling so good in this hot weather. 
  • Try out this wholesome uttapama.
  • Enjoy !

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