Sri Yantra


     Have you heard abt Sri yantra?  Or do you own one after paying  handsome Amt ? Sri yantra is considered highest yantra and mantra for it is om. 

I saw it very first time at my guru’s place many years back. Of course he made it himself and the moment I saw it, I wanted to draw it. But guru said: you know it’s hard. And my 1st thought was, you are underestimating me. I had done lot of geometric drawing while growing up and I was good at it.

So of course I started working on it same day and it took me only 3-4 years to finally get it. šŸ™‚ Lesson learned. Alright, so it’s a meditation and there’s no formula to draw it. Lot of research already done on it. 

If it appeals to you, do try. I enjoyed all failed attempts. Some ppl get it right away. So Get paper, cloth whatever medium you want and all tools like pencil, scale, compass . There’s no measurement for circle or anything at all. All triangles meet and total is 43. That’s all.

Would love to hear your experiences.

Enjoy !

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