Yoga On 1st International Yoga Day


                  Thanks to PM Modi’s effort. UN has declared 21st June as international yoga day.  So, What is yoga or yog?  Yog meaning unity, union. Union of day and night, like and dislikes…..union of individual soul with supreme soul.

Since this blog is around food, let’s experiment with food. Do you have food or taste that you dislike or avoid? Not medical condition related like if you have sugar problem and avoiding sugar. But food you dislike like some ppl don’t like Bitter Gourd, some i have seen not eating yogurt at all like that… So pick that food and eat it today and have peace with it. Just breath and chew. Experience flavour. That’s your yoga with food. In the picture, i have tried to include few different taste.

Most of us know our favourite food, color and all trivial things but how many of you know how many times you breath per minute ? Without breath, there’s no life. But we don’t know this most imp thing. So do an experiment. Set a timer for 2 mins and count your breath. Divide the number by 2 and that’s how many times you breath per minute. Human range is anywhere from 4 to 16.

With yoga, we learn to be here and now. Breath is always here and now. So stay with your breath and you will stay here and now not in past or future.

Be In Yog !

Enjoy !


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