Beat The Heat Ayurvedic Way


         It’s been very hot this summer, breaking records here by reaching 100 degree. So thought would share some tips on how to stay cool.Summer is the season of pitta so if you are not careful and if your prakruti is pitta, you might see your pitta symptoms more aggravated. Here’s few things we all can do:

  • Drink plenty of water. No rocket science but most of the ppl don’t drink enough water.
  • Chhash/home made butter milk – 1 part home made yogurt + 3 part water. Add salt and cumin powder for taste.
  • Coconut Water- From fresh green coconut if you find it around you. It’s a tropical delight anyways.
  • Sugarcane or it’s juice if you find clean source.
  • Watermelon – I prefer seeded one for obvious reason. Sprinkle little salt and cumin powder on it.
  • All kind of melons are generally good and cooling.
  • All summer squashes like dudhi, yellow squash, zucchini is good.
  • Cucumber, mint, cilantro is all cooling. Find a way to use them. Make salad or chutney. 
  • Coconut oil is cooling so use it for head/hair massage.
  • Less spices, pickles and limit fat. Eat more light meals with plenty of vegetables.
  • Having little ice cream is ok but if you start gulping more and more it will aggravate your pitta more.
  • Wear hat or cover your head when you have to be out in sun.
  • Tukmariya that’s used in falooda is cooling. If you want to use to cool down pitta, then just soak 1 tsp in some water and eat/drink it.
  • Enjoy Summer !

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