• Not sure if i am eligible to talk abt meditation. Feels very small and don’t have words to describe. Still couldn’t help myself to share few things for people who might be interested and have nowhere to turn to or have no guidance.
  • Now a days you will find lot of cds and what not for meditation and of course lot of books and people end up all confused. Sometimes ppl lecture me on it what it is and how it should be etc and then at the end, they say i have never done it. 🙂
  • So what is meditation ? It is “Silent Observation”.
  • How do you do it? Sit down in any comfortable cross leg pose, keep back straight, hand in gyan mudra (1st finger, thumb touching each other) close your eyes and observe. See what happens.
  • You can start with 5 mins every day morning. Keep same time, place in the beginning so it will be easier.
  • If you have never attempted, try it out.
  • As my guru says, you fall into meditation. You can’t force it.
  • Enjoy !

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