Mango Fajita 


  • This is my version of mexican fajita. May not be authentic, but hey, it taste good, sounds exotic and it is healthy. What more do you want?
  • Recipe is very simple as usual. Gather some vegetables from fridge, garden if you have one. I found colored peppers, onion, carrot, avocado in fridge and yellow squash in garden. And yes mango box with all ripe mangoes.
  • Cut vegetables in long slices. I think that’s how mostly i see them in restaurant.  Saute them in little olive oil over high heat so that they get cooked little bit but stays crunchy. Add salt, pepper. You can also add some cilantro or dill leaves for more exotic flavour.
  • I have seen more like indian paratha served with fajita in mexican restaurant. So why not use our own desi paratha ? You can use thepla or any flavour or plain paratha. Don’t put any oil, butter on it. We don’t want it to get soggy.
  • Now assembly: Put some vegetables, top with some chopped avocado and king of fruit, mango.
  • Feel free to add anything you like. You can also make mango salsa to go with it.
  • Fold it or wrap it or whatever…..and
  • Enjoy !

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