Dressing According To Color Of The Day – Vedic Astrology


              In india, 7 week days are named for 7 planets and each planet is assigned color, food, gem, season etc. and it all comes under vedic astrology. When someone doesn’t know what to cook for dinner then you will hear “oh, today is wed. so let’s just make mung” or on  thursdat, chickpeas etc. Today, i want to talk abt color though. Let’s start with the list. Some of the things are what i have observed and my thoughts. 

When you don’t know what to wear, follow this color guidelines and wear the color of the day. You can wear shirt, top or just throw a scarf of the color of the day. Also can pick different shades in those colors. It makes it fun and will help you harmonize with the energy of the day. These are no hard, fast rules. Have fun with it and see what it does to you.

  1. Sunday – Planet Sun. Color – Orange is generally what everywhere written but besides orange, i would say golden like golden rays of sun. So wear orange or golden.
  2. Monday – Planet Moon. Color – White. You can also wear some pearl jewellery.
  3. Tuesday – Planet Mars. Color – Red.  I couldn’t wear red in summer. It just makes it very hot being fiery color.
  4. Wednesday –  Planet Mercury. Color – Green.
  5. Thursday – Planet Jupiter. Color – Yellow.
  6. Friday – Planet Venus. Color – White, Sky Blue  White is what you will read mostly everywhere but i feel it’s sky blue color.
  7. Saturn – Planet Saturn. Color – Black. Again, you will see black everywhere but if you are going thro gloom phase anyway, then i would suggest Royal Blue. The way i see it is, sometimes you need to just embrace black in life and if you have hard time with  embracing darkness, then wear black and if  you find yourself gloomy most of the time, wear royal blue. Have you seen picture of “shani dev” ? He is riding on crow(black) and his body is royal blue.

As you wear this colors, observer what color makes you uncomfortable  and what color agrees with you. If you learn something new with this experiment, do share your insights.

Picture is of full moon from my home. Sometimes moon rays will fall into my home , making it look very pretty on full moon day.

And yes, i am wearing white and pearl today. 🙂

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Enjoy !

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