What are you carrying? – A Tale


     In ancient times, Saints used to travel/walk from places to places with their disciples, spend a night with villagers , preach and then leave. There was this saint named let’s call him Manuji. Manuji was walking with his disciples to go to another village and river came on the way. When they reached near river, due to heavy rain there was lot of water and it was flood like situation. Manuji saw a lady sitting on the rock, crying. He asked why are you crying Deviji? Lady said : she needs to reach other side of village before dark but she is so afraid to cross river. 
So Manuji carried her on his shoulder and started crossing river. Disciples noticed that lady was a dancer and hence considered low level and didn’t like their master carrying her. But who will question master? They all kept murmuring how master is doing all wrong. River was crossed and saint left the lady safe and she went her way.

But disciples couldn’t stop chatting abt it. After walking few more miles, they couldn’t resist and asked master: why did you carry a dancer on your shoulder? That was not good. What will ppl think?

Master replied: “I left her long back but you all are still carrying her.”

Don’t we all also carry things around ? Unnecessary burden. Let us try to get rid of it and be lighter. May be we will be few lbs lighter .

Picture is of me at Pittok mention in Portland. Was my friend R’s idea.

Enjoy unburdening !

Naming Babies – Vedic Astrology 


  • Vedic astrology is a wonderful divine science and there are simple things we all can take advantage of without spending fortune. Do you know vedic astrology was taught as part of ayurveda in ancient times ? Since i learned ayurveda, am understanding astrology little better now. It’s all abt healing. Wholesome healing of body, mind and spirit.
  • In olden times, babies were named according to their moon sign or in some parts based on nakshtra. It was a common practice but now most of  us educated ppl don’t believe in it. 
  • When your name is based on moon sign, it will resonate with you better. There are many websites to calculate moon sign and it will tell what letters name should start with. For example, mine is Aquarius so name can start from ‘s’ or ‘g’. It’s based on moon sign which is different from western sun sign.
  • Now don’t try to change everyone’s names but in future, something to think abt .
  • Picture is of sketch i made of Bhrigu Rishi from who am learning astrology now a days.
  • Enjoy !

Jowar/Sorghum Uttapam


Jowar is called white millet in English and its gluten free. Lot of ppl now a days are trying to avoid white rice so this is a good option.

  • As part of experiment, 1 day I added some jowar flour to regular idly batter and idly came out nice ,yummy ,earthy and little yellowish .
  • So this time I soaked 1 cup urad dal with 4-5 methi seeds for 5 hrs. Ground  it as usual and added 2 cups of jowar flour and let it ferment. Do you know methi seeds help with fermentation? I didn’t add it once and batter didn’t ferment.
  • Idly turned out nice fluffy but taste I didn’t like. When I seasoned idly , it tasted fine. 
  • So next day, I turned batter into uttapama and voila … They tasted good. It’s like seasoned jowar rotla. 
  • You can use jowar flour in any pancake you make. Just a little bit since its gluten free.
  • Also jowar is cooling so good in this hot weather. 
  • Try out this wholesome uttapama.
  • Enjoy !

Sri Yantra


     Have you heard abt Sri yantra?  Or do you own one after paying  handsome Amt ? Sri yantra is considered highest yantra and mantra for it is om. 

I saw it very first time at my guru’s place many years back. Of course he made it himself and the moment I saw it, I wanted to draw it. But guru said: you know it’s hard. And my 1st thought was, you are underestimating me. I had done lot of geometric drawing while growing up and I was good at it.

So of course I started working on it same day and it took me only 3-4 years to finally get it. 🙂 Lesson learned. Alright, so it’s a meditation and there’s no formula to draw it. Lot of research already done on it. 

If it appeals to you, do try. I enjoyed all failed attempts. Some ppl get it right away. So Get paper, cloth whatever medium you want and all tools like pencil, scale, compass . There’s no measurement for circle or anything at all. All triangles meet and total is 43. That’s all.

Would love to hear your experiences.

Enjoy !

Yoga On 1st International Yoga Day


                  Thanks to PM Modi’s effort. UN has declared 21st June as international yoga day.  So, What is yoga or yog?  Yog meaning unity, union. Union of day and night, like and dislikes…..union of individual soul with supreme soul.

Since this blog is around food, let’s experiment with food. Do you have food or taste that you dislike or avoid? Not medical condition related like if you have sugar problem and avoiding sugar. But food you dislike like some ppl don’t like Bitter Gourd, some i have seen not eating yogurt at all like that… So pick that food and eat it today and have peace with it. Just breath and chew. Experience flavour. That’s your yoga with food. In the picture, i have tried to include few different taste.

Most of us know our favourite food, color and all trivial things but how many of you know how many times you breath per minute ? Without breath, there’s no life. But we don’t know this most imp thing. So do an experiment. Set a timer for 2 mins and count your breath. Divide the number by 2 and that’s how many times you breath per minute. Human range is anywhere from 4 to 16.

With yoga, we learn to be here and now. Breath is always here and now. So stay with your breath and you will stay here and now not in past or future.

Be In Yog !

Enjoy !