Element Space/Ether


As we know our universe or what is around us  is made of 5 elements earth, water, fire, air and space.  And so does our body. Will talk abt space today.

We see space outside. Easy , right? There’s plenty of space. And inside our body , do you know where? Do you ever think abt it? Example ear canal, nose , inside of bones , esophagus,stomach etc etc. When we eat, we need to keep some space for digestive juices. When we eat too much , we feel terrible, right? Try to eat little less than hunger and see how you feel. When we fast (not feasting in name of fast), we create space in the body and energy flows better , change in my experience.

Other thing, space is needed to grow. Its easy to see outside . But do we give ourselves space to grow , to make mistakes? Do we give others including kids space to grow ? If we look around us, it’s mostly space for everything to grow. Its a field , background Of the play of life as Dr Svobda says.

So give yourself some space to grow ! One of the thing I have learned and always say when things do not go as planned “not end of the world “. Even end of the world will be not be end . Just my thought. So.. 

Enjoy your space!

Pineapple Enchiladas 


  • Does everyone know how to make enchiladas? It’s pretty simple and recipe is on enchilada sauce can too.
  • I cook my own black beans. Add some fresh veggies. You can sauté and cook veggies but I was adding only colored peppers so didn’t sauté. They get cooked little while baking. You can add summer squash, cilantro, green onions, onion, spinach.
  • For spices I added cumin powder, garlic powder , crushed red pepper and salt.
  • Star ingredient is pineapple here. If you have never tried before ,do try. It taste good and will help with digestion too.
  • Black beans are high in protein and there’s few things which is black in color. Eggplant is white inside if you are thinking of it. As part of adding black color food, this makes a good simple choice.
  • Enjoy!