Indian Tea Toast


  • Lot of us like to dunk something in our tea, coffee. Isn’t it? Other day I saw toast recipe on Bhavna ‘s kitchen. If you haven’t seen her recipe videos, do check it out. She has lots and lots of recipes out there.
  • I keep buying different kind of breads and then some times they go waste. So this time I tried toast and it came out so good and made tea time more fun.
  • It’s a pretty simple recipe but may be like me you don’t know it. So here’s how it goes: spread little butter on bread, sprinkle little sugar and cinnamon powder. Do same on other side too.
  • Bake it in oven at 250 for 30-40 mins until it’s all crispy. Turn them half way. Baking time varies depending on bread.
  • That’s it. Done ! Make sure your tea is ready too.
  • Cinnamon gave it a wonderful flavor.
  • I cut bread in half but next time I will make long vertical pieces so easy to dunk in tea.
  • Try it out. I loved it . Good with milk too. You can sprinkle cardamom powder too instead of cinnamon but use only 1 spice. 
  • Enjoy !

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