English Tea Sandwich


  • I had read abt this English Tea Sandwich long time back somewhere and have been wanting to try since then. Finally the day has come. I really don’t know much abt english tea sandwiches so google for more info.
  • Sandwich is pretty simple. No wonder.. it has to go with tea and so has to be simple to put together quickly.
  • Spread some butter on bread. Put some cucumber slices.
  • And there’s the extra ingredient which elevates simple sandwich to extra healthy level and that is “Watercress”.
  • Watercress is grown in water and is rich in minerals. There’s some interesting info on net abt it. So google to find more abt it.
  • Everywhere it says watercress has peppery taste but i feel it’s more like “radish”. It does have sharp flavour.
  • Oh and sprinkle some salt, pepper. Close your sandwich and enjoy with tea.
  • I also tried watercress on avocado like a salad and it was good. So you can throw in your salad too for some nice flavour and watercress leaves are crunchy which i really liked.
  • Try it out if you find watercress.
  • And yes, wash watercress well before consuming  since it grows in water. Give it extra rinse.
  • Enjoy !

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