Prana/ life Mudra


  • Prana mudra is 1 of basic yet very beneficial mudra. You can practice 10 mins everyday with both hands and observe changes.
  • Little finger is water element, ring finger is earth and thumb is fire. So in this mudra water , earth and fire elements come into picture.
  • Here’s an article telling more abt benefits:
  • We all are built in with  inner wisdom. We just need to see what appeals to us ,clicks to us. So If this appeals to you, try it out. You might get life. 
  • Enjoy !

Mango Rava Cake


  • Thanks to technology and social groups like fb , we can meet our school, college friends. Isn’t that wonderful?  Had little school reunion recently and made this mango bread and everyone loved it. 
  • Since it’s made with Rava, it taste just like Sooji, Rava halwa with mango flavor. And i don’t make extra sweet, skipped icing keeping everyone ‘s health in mind. 
  • Recipe here:
  • It’s pretty simple and I sometimes make using mix of all purpose and Rava , add some yogurt and chocolate chips.
  • 1 cup Rava,  1 cup fresh mango purée, 1/2 cup sugar(depending on mango), 1 tsp baking powder, cardamom powder, 1/2 cup unsalted butter. I try to use less.
  • Mix dry ingredients and then add rest.
  • Bake at 375F for 30-35 mins. 
  • If you are new to baking, stick to the recipe.
  • I wrote on cake using Greek vanilla yogurt.
  • You can serve warm with vanilla ice cream or with some chopped mango on top or as it is.
  • You can do some chocolate icing . Mango and chocolate is a wonderful combination. 
  • If you like mango, you will enjoy this simple cake and can impress ppl too.
  • Also if you are not sure abt reunions, give it a shot. We had way too much fun.
  • Enjoy summer with mangoes !

Mild Gall Bladder  Flush – My Experience 


Disclaimer: Am not recommending anyone to do, just sharing my experience.

    Gall bladder cleanse/flush is also known as liver gall bladder  cleanse . There is a 3 day version which is very popular and you will find lot of information , experience around net. I know ppl who does it and love it. Since I wasn’t interested in anything big, I did mild one from book “Healing with whole foods”.

  • Book says “for 5 consecutive days, ingest on an empty stomach 2 tablespoons of olive oil followed by 2 tablespoons of lemon juice “.
  • I did it 1st thing in the morning and didn’t eat anything for 45 mins. Used extra virgin olive oil.
  • I didn’t feel any discomfort or anything. Haven’t noticed any huge changes after 5 days but feels energy flowing little better , better digestion and  little more energy. But I may notice things as time goes by. 
  • Trying it was a big thing for me since it was in my “to do” list from few years. Wasn’t sure how I would like to have olive oil, lemon in the morning. But 1st day I tried and it wasn’t bad. I kinda actually liked it.
  • Most imp, felt kinda sense of freedom. Freedom from fear of trying this cleanse ,what will it do  and all baseless thoughts. 
  • Do you have something pending to try ? 
  • Give it a shot and enjoy freedom !

Indian Tea Toast


  • Lot of us like to dunk something in our tea, coffee. Isn’t it? Other day I saw toast recipe on Bhavna ‘s kitchen. If you haven’t seen her recipe videos, do check it out. She has lots and lots of recipes out there.
  • I keep buying different kind of breads and then some times they go waste. So this time I tried toast and it came out so good and made tea time more fun.
  • It’s a pretty simple recipe but may be like me you don’t know it. So here’s how it goes: spread little butter on bread, sprinkle little sugar and cinnamon powder. Do same on other side too.
  • Bake it in oven at 250 for 30-40 mins until it’s all crispy. Turn them half way. Baking time varies depending on bread.
  • That’s it. Done ! Make sure your tea is ready too.
  • Cinnamon gave it a wonderful flavor.
  • I cut bread in half but next time I will make long vertical pieces so easy to dunk in tea.
  • Try it out. I loved it . Good with milk too. You can sprinkle cardamom powder too instead of cinnamon but use only 1 spice. 
  • Enjoy !

English Tea Sandwich


  • I had read abt this English Tea Sandwich long time back somewhere and have been wanting to try since then. Finally the day has come. I really don’t know much abt english tea sandwiches so google for more info.
  • Sandwich is pretty simple. No wonder.. it has to go with tea and so has to be simple to put together quickly.
  • Spread some butter on bread. Put some cucumber slices.
  • And there’s the extra ingredient which elevates simple sandwich to extra healthy level and that is “Watercress”.
  • Watercress is grown in water and is rich in minerals. There’s some interesting info on net abt it. So google to find more abt it.
  • Everywhere it says watercress has peppery taste but i feel it’s more like “radish”. It does have sharp flavour.
  • Oh and sprinkle some salt, pepper. Close your sandwich and enjoy with tea.
  • I also tried watercress on avocado like a salad and it was good. So you can throw in your salad too for some nice flavour and watercress leaves are crunchy which i really liked.
  • Try it out if you find watercress.
  • And yes, wash watercress well before consuming  since it grows in water. Give it extra rinse.
  • Enjoy !